Aug 10, 2012

Cheap Thrills, Big Deals: Sonia Kashuk brush

Makeup artists always say good tools and bad makeup outweigh bad tools and good makeup any day. Well, big price tags usually come with the good tools but this little Sophia Kashuk brush is an exception. Gel eyeliners are usually my go-to during the summer because pencil can usually get a little messy with all the heat. I needed a good brush to help make gel eyeliner easier and quicker for me!  I give this brush a 5 out of 5 because the angle lets me get close to my lashline without breaking my wrist to do it.

The point tip lets me apply gel liner without bending my wrist backwards. It also allows me to kind of draw along my lash line with a similar technique to a felt tip liquid liner. Let me know you favorite budget brush find!!