Jul 16, 2012

Updated WishList!!

This weekend I was able to cross some thing off my Wishlist!! With that being said I am revealing those products tomorrow and adding a few more to the list to replace them. The new items will be more fashion related, I actually got the idea from this Fashion Bomb Daily article. I love the website and I feel like all the items on the list are perfect for a college student transitioning into the "real world" especially since I'm a business major.
Stay tuned for the beauty items I purchased over the weekend and for my very adventurous fashion haul!

Jul 10, 2012

Your First MAC quad

When starting to branch out from drugstore brand makeup, the brand most people turn to is MAC Cosmetics. With a wide selection of color, formulas and the affordability of it all, it's easy to see why people chose MAC. MAC's eyeshadows are some of their most popular products. I remember when I finally decided that I wanted to try MAC products, what better way than with an eyeshadow quad.

Jul 8, 2012

FOTN: Date Night using Heavenly Creatures

So my boyfriend and I decided to go out to dinner on Saturday for date night. I thought it would be the perfect time to use my new products from the Heavenly Creatures collection. A light handed is highly suggested because both Center of the Universe and Stratus are very pigmented. A duo fiber or fan brush would be the best tools to distribute color without having chunks left on your face. The versatility of these products makes them worth their price tag! I will list all products used at the bottom.

Poll: MAC Heavenly Creatures

  • The whole collection, the mineralized collection is the best part of my summer!
  • They came out with a collection????
  • Mineralized Blushes, those blushes plus my cheek are a match made in Heaven
  • Mineralized eyeshadows, all the swirls make my eyes sparkle!
  • MSFs, the permamnent collection don't have enough!!

Jul 6, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creatures Haul!

So as many of you makeup lovers know MAC's new collection, Heavenly Creatures graced MAC and department stores yesterday. The collection actually came out a whole week and a half early online but I wanted to be able to actually swatch and hand pick my items. Unfortunately for me, I won't be able to haul all the items I want until next week; but my amazing and loving boyfriend let me pick out 2 items and put them on his card!