Jun 24, 2012

Buffalo Exchange in The District

Since I am currently in the process of moving into my new apartment, I decided to go through my closet and purge all the stuff I haven't touched in the past year. I created a donate and throw away pile but I just found out there is a Buffalo Exchange that opened last week in the district. In high school I actually worked in a teen resale store, so I am usually pretty good about picking things they would take.  I love resale stores because they are a great stop before going to the goodwill and a quick way to keep your closet under control and getting some cash in your pocket. For people who have the buy one, throw one out rule this is a great place to go.

When I walked in I was welcomed with a friendly hello, after I dropped my stuff at the sell counter I walked around the store. They had a pretty good selection of both women and men's clothing with a variety of styles and tastes. They also had a good selection of designers; I saw Jeffery Campbell, Sam Edelman, Calvin Klein, YSL, Kate Spade and a good selection of designer denim.

If you are stopping by to get some cash in your pocket, the high ticket items are definitely shoes and denim. Make sure all your clothes are washed and ready to wear and don't have any excessive wear. Anything currently in season or vintages pieces that need new homes are welcomed and they are always looking for men's items. I walked away with a little over $40 which is helping me buy little things for my apartment.

Overall I highly recommend stopping by whether to shop or sell. The area is also nice, it sits on 14th St Nw and N St, so next time I will be stopping by WholeFoods. I hope you take advantage DC's new jewel.


  1. I just cleaned out my closet as well and I can't wait to go to this place! I've been looking for a place that was similar to Plato's Closet but I didn't want to travel too far. This is perfect!

  2. That's crazy that you mentioned Plato's Closet because that's the resale store I used to work at! I actually traveled all the way to rural Maryland to sell my clothes to Plato's closet because it was the closest retail store.