Jun 18, 2012

Top 10 Beginner Must-Haves: Part II

Part II:

The Original Naked Palette

6. Urban Decay Naked palette: This is the one and only eyeshadow palette you will ever need. Whether a beginner or a makeup lover, this is one product that lives up to its hype. The palette has 12 full sized eyeshadows, an eyeshadow primer  and a brush so all you really need is mascara and an eyeliner and you're set. I searched high and low for this palette for 4 weeks straight because it has all the neutral colors you could ever need. I took this palette on vacation twice and use it for 2 weeks straight and came up with a ton of looks. Go on YouTube, google, temptalia, hell anywhere and you can find some girl using this palette. The price tag might sound expensive but considering each Urban Decay eyeshadow is $18 and you get 12 plus a brush and primer $48 is WAY better than the $250+ it's worth.
Available at: Sephora, Urbandecay.com and ulta

7. NYX eyeshadow pencil in milk: If your new to makeup then you will probably be new to priming also. When wearing eyeshadows priming your lids means putting a base on your eyelids so the shadow stays on longer, shows up and doesn't crease. While some people will go out and spend upwards of $20 bucks this pencil will do the trick. Just swipe this on before your eyeshadows and your good to go.
Available at: select CVS, Rite Aid, drugstore.com

8. Revlon color stay lipstick: Smooth, pigmented and they come in an abundant amount of colors, these make lipsticks definitely make me smile. I personally own a couple and even though the price isn't bad I would definitely wait for them to be buy one get one free or half off. These lipsticks literally glide on your lips and add a little or a lot of color depending on what your looking for.
Available at: select CVS, Rite Aid, drugstore.com

9. MAC Lipstick: It might seem like I'm jumping on the MAC bandwagon but these are truly amazing. If your going to a MAC counter you have to walk away with one of these: Ruby Woo, Half and Half and Touch. Ruby Woo is the classic WOC red. Think old Hollywood 50's glam, if you want that classic beauty this is it!! Half and half is a nudey pink when you want a natural lip with a little color this is your go-to girl. And last but not least Touch, you will hear some ignorant girl whisper in your ear that Black women don't have nude lipsticks. Well they lied this is a must have for a neutral lip and smokey eyes or a natural look. When looking at all those lipsticks I hope this helps.
Price: $14.50
Available at: MAC, Macy's and Nordstrom

10. Sonia Kashuk brushes: Brushes are everything because even with amazing makeup if all you have are crappy brushes it all goes to waste. These brushes are soft to the touch but hold up when you them. To start off all you need is a powder brush and a shader brush and your good to go. Some of her brushes can be a little expensive especially for Target but they are worth it, plus if you only buy those two it wont hurt your wallet. After all the makeup applying it is all you have to learn which will be the next step so if you have any suggestions from basics to nights out to celebrities just leave it in the comment and I'll be sure to post a how-to.
Price: $4.99-$19.99
Available at: Target

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