Jan 8, 2012

Jewel Mint Rings

I just got my JewelMint package and I was ridiculously excited. For some who might not be aware JewelMint is a website that has an exclusive jewelry collection created by Kate Bosworth and her stylist. After joining the site you take a quick quiz and are given your own "jewelry box" of suggestions. For 29.99 you get 1 credit for a piece of your choice and free shipping!! My first purchase from them was a Christmas gift for my sister. It came in this lovely box:

The description of the rings.

The ring are 3 different colors and sizes, it reads(from top to bottom): "Remember to, love to, give to."
My Christmas gift to my sister (picture Via JewelMint)

I bought the same rings for her it felt like a very sisterly and ladylike message on the rings. I actually was so pleased I have since bought 2 more rings, 1 being the same ring I bought my sister. I think it's a great way to slowly build a jewelry/accessories collection without breaking the bank.
My 2nd purchase, I LOVE this ring (picture Via JewelMint)

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  1. I love Jewelmint! The packaging is so great and they have some really fun pieces!