Jan 17, 2012

Restaurant Week

So on Saturday night I decided I wanted to participate in Restaurant Week so I tweeted about going and Kayla responded. After Kayla said yes so did my best friend Briana and it was a date. I picked Level One because I say it on Groupon the day before and it had great reviews. When we finally got there we found out they had stopped Restaurant Week but atmosphere and prices were nice so we stayed, so glad we stayed. Not only was the food amazing but so was the wait staff. Definitely a nice girls night out.
Headband, American Apparel; Blouse, Express; Shirt, H&M; Shoes Jeffery Campbell Foxy Wood
Me and my best friend Briana

The lovely Kayla check out her blog Inside the Glamour 
I love her lipstick, Cyber by MAC

My Southern Shrimp; It was Amazing!!!
Our menus plus bread and Olive oil!!

Waiting for our food
Bri's Makeup (I did it :) I'll add a breakdown of the look in my next post

Kayla's Eye Makeup

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